44 Phrases to Inspire and Surprise on Valentine’s Day

If you are not the best person in the world to deal with words, then Valentine’s Day, a special occasion to send that passionate text, must be super difficult for you.

44 Phrases to Inspire and Surprise on Valentine's Day

But calm down! We have made a collection of beautiful love messages for you to share with those you love the most in this world.

After all, every day we forget to tell how much we love those around us, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect date to remember how important our partner is. Then send one of these messages down to Facebook, WhatsApp, email or just write romantic notes and leave them scattered around the house, he will love it!

We separate for you the phrases for Valentine’s Day in topics, such as a simple message of declaration, to deeper messages to apologize for some event.

Check below!

Valentine’s Day phrases with declaration

Are you dating that guy or that wonderful girl and it’s time to declare your love for her? So Valentine’s Day is a great time for you to do that with a beautiful phrase. You can take one of these sentences written on a ticket accompanied by a little present for the beloved. If you have not asked her in courtship yet, this is a great time!

“Words are unable to express every feeling I have for you. I love you so much. ”

“I promise to tell you I love you every night and prove it to you every day.”

“Being happy is not just summarizing our life in good times. Being happy is also liking life alongside people we love and make us happy, just like you. ”

“Without you, I’m just in love. A boat without a sea, a field without a flower. Going sadness, coming sadness. Without you, my love, I’m nobody? “Vinícius de Moraes

“I love being with you, I love being with you, your scent makes me travel, your voice makes me sigh.”

“One day they told me that smile is a way to show how much we like someone. Today I was asked if I liked you I just … smile. ”

Love Valentine’s Day Phrases

If you are dating, then sending a love phrase to your boyfriend is a must! Do not like to expose your relationship in public? So parting a moment alone among you, preparing that special little dinner and reciting a poem can make for a wonderful evening for both of you!

“The kiss is a kindly trick created by nature, made especially to interrupt a conversation, especially when the words were already becoming unnecessary. To love is this, to know how to speak and to know how to shut up, and especially to be speechless every time I see you. I love you! ”

“Knowing you has brought me a moment that can never be lived by anyone and since that wonderful day my life has totally lost me and I only think of you and you.”

“The most wonderful thing I’m going through is being in love with you, and that’s why I want you, hug you, and be terribly afraid of losing you. I do not want to make you suffer, I just want to love you until the world ends. ”

“Love is fire that burns without seeing itself; It is a wound that hurts and does not feel; It is discontented contentment; It is pain that fights without hurting. It is a not wanting more than good to want; It’s a lonely walk among us; It is never content with contentment; It is a caring that wins in getting lost. It is wanting to be trapped by will. It is to serve the one who conquers the winner, It is to have with whom we kill loyalty. But how can cause their favor In human hearts friendship; If so contrary to oneself is the same love? “Luís de Camões

“Not all the poetry I have read in recent days has made reference to my love for you, but I assure you that this love has become a beautiful poem.” Lenin

Valentine’s Day phrases to reconcile

Of all the days of the year, Valentine’s Day is the worst date to be struggling with the most special person in your life. The tip, therefore, is to invest in reconciliation phrases to ask for a new chance and get ready to enjoy that day together!

“Sorry for my mistakes. I am an unfinished being. God is making me slowly. “Father Fábio de Melo

“I forgive my mistakes, acknowledge my success, praise and perceive my changes. For they were specially made for you. “Thayna Peçanha

“Hurting who we love hurts us.” Nathália Theylor

“You know, you do not have to forgive me now. But forgive me. ”

“I just love you so much, and love can mean fear … Excuse me!”

“Often, we say things without thinking, it hurts people. But I want you to understand that we are wrong, we are human. ”

“I only love him so much, and because I love, I made mistakes. Sorry … “Author Unknown

Valentine’s Day phrases to flirt

Valentines Day is perfect for flirting! Whether it’s sending a message through the social networks or releasing a sung in the kitten of the ballad, what matters is not to be quiet. Here are some phrases tips:

“When I call you it’s because I’m missing you, when I do not call, it’s because I’m waiting for you to feel mine.”

“And how can I not smile when I remember you?”

“If you did not exist, I would invent you.”

“My weakness has a name, address and a beautiful smile.”

“My weak spot is you!”

“If the stars were as beautiful as you, I would spend sleepless nights staring up at the sky.”

“Girl, what is the mouth that makes me lose my mind?”

“You’re not a waterfall, but I have a crush on you.”

Funny Valentine’s Day Phrases

Good humor is a great ally to have a perfect night. So if you want to make your love laugh a lot on Valentine’s Day, bet on one of those messages!

“You know what suits you a lot? Me! “Author unknown

“Girl, is your father a baker? Not? Because you are a sweet bread! “Author unknown

“Love of boyfriends is like toilet paper: Decreases every shit ..” Author unknown

“Never give a smart one and tell your girlfriend that Valentine’s Day is every day, every day she wants to get a present and go out to dinner …” Author unknown

“Law of Life: Has a Dating Started? Delete the inbox messages on Facebook, delete some contacts from the phone, and if possible break the chip and change the number while it’s time. ”

“Marriages and relationships are passers-by, but profile visits are eternal …” Author unknown

“Valentine’s Day is over, but the installments for gifts are only beginning.”

Valentine’s Day phrases for singles

As the “sages of modernity” say, if June 12 is Valentine’s Day, the other 364 are singles! Check out these other phrases below to share with friends on Facebook that day.

“The wealthy bachelors should pay twice as much tax. It’s not fair that some men are happier than others. “Oscar Wilde

“I think, so I’m single.”

“The bachelor lives like a king and dies like a dog. The married man lives like a dog and dies like a king. “Jean Anouilh

“The best thing about being single is that you can get into bed any way you want.” James Dean

“Before being single on Valentine’s Day, dating at the carnival.” Matheus Peixoto Philippi

“I’m single because my cupid’s tapir uses a machine gun instead of a bow and arrow and ends up killing my suitors.” Reynaldo Araújo

“Ministry of the Singles warns: In case of passion, the litde falls!” Edson John

Valentine’s Day for married couples

It does not matter if it’s a month, a year or ten! If you are married, it is because you love yourself unconditionally (even with quarrels and misunderstandings). Show to those on your side that your love for him remains alive and increases with each passing day with these phrases.

“Happy Valentine’s day, my love! We are married, but most of all we are forever boyfriends. My love, after so many years, and when I look into your eyes, I continue to lose myself in all the wonders that live in them.

You represent everything that exists most sublime in this world, and I feel the most fortunate person for every day to have you with me. Building a life at your side has been the most incredible and pleasurable of adventures. I love you! “Author unknown

“If love is true, there is no routine to weaken it.”

“My love for you will end on the same day that God’s love for you ends.” Max Lucado

“It was like saying, without saying,” I know it’s been a long time, but I still love you. ” Tati Bernardi

“We fight, we love each other, we go and we return. We’re all people and nobody wears them off. “PS I love you.