A Video, a Campaign, a Well-Understood Passion: Prada

It was seeing it and thinking in it rather than make it some brands in advertising. Prada It is a brand that is not accessible to all and therefore arises desire. That desire is its greatest value face to advertising and at the time represented in public.

In its new campaign autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 there is something of this but with a rather informal look, with the models relaxed on chairs and on the floor. On the other hand, in the new video desire leads to a level more, good.

Steven Meisel is responsible for portraying the model Frida Gustavsson, Kelly Mittendorf o Antonia Wesseloh.

A very slow pace, that sensual, walking feminine body of a leg begins naked and right there appears Prada, not before or after. You have already created the desire and we have engaged in video, so the mark may appear. The video shows with flat details the desire of a few garments that touch, enjoy. Prints, skins, buttons, bags… What a song located at the bottom, very low, which whisper joins.

10 for Prada.