About African Virtual University

According to abbreviationfinder, African Virtual University is commonly known as AVU. The African Virtual University (AVU) is an international network of institutions of higher education established in 1997. It was created to support capacity building in the area of higher education and to provide access to quality higher education for African countries. The AVU is a unique and innovative model for delivering post-secondary education, with a focus on sustainable development, economic growth and poverty reduction.

The AVU consists of a consortium of partner universities, research institutes, and other organizations from across Africa and beyond. The AVU focuses on providing access to high-quality distance learning programs in areas such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), business administration, public health, information communication technologies (ICTs), and more. Through its partnership with leading universities around the world, the AVU has developed a comprehensive online library containing hundreds of courses covering various topics in these subject areas.

The AVU also provides students with access to professional development opportunities through its various training programs such as the Pan-African Training Program (PATP). Through this program students can obtain certifications in areas such as finance management or ICTs. Additionally, the AVU offers specialized courses that are tailored to meet specific needs in countries around Africa such as agricultural economics or peace building studies.

In addition to providing access to quality higher education programs at an affordable cost for African countries, the AVU also works towards strengthening African higher education systems through initiatives such as its Quality Assurance Framework (QAF). This framework sets standards for quality assurance among partner universities and provides them with tools for measuring progress towards achieving those standards.

The AVU also works closely with governments across Africa to ensure that their educational policies are informed by research conducted by its partner institutions. Through this approach it seeks to ensure that educational policies are tailored towards meeting each country’s unique needs and goals.

Moreover, the AVU has established several centers of excellence across Africa in order to provide additional training opportunities for students interested in pursuing advanced studies or professional degrees at an institution outside their home country. Through these centers students have access to faculty members from leading universities around the world who offer specialized courses on topics related to their chosen field of study or profession.

Finally, the AVU works closely with international organizations such as UNESCO and UNICEF who support its mission by funding projects aimed at increasing access to quality higher education across Africa. By providing increased access through distance learning programs coupled with strong research initiatives aimed at informing policy making processes at both local and national levels the African Virtual University is an important player in promoting sustainable development throughout Africa while simultaneously creating opportunities for individuals seeking quality higher education regardless of geographic location or financial situation.

Notable alumni of African Virtual University include:

•Dr. William Kipkorir, the first African Virtual University alumnus to become a professor at the University of Nairobi in Kenya;

•Dr. Moses Kizza Musaazi, an inventor and professor at Makerere University in Uganda who was also the first African Virtual University alumnus to receive a doctorate degree;

•Dr. Mabingue Ngom, a former president of Senegal’s National Council for Higher Education and Research and former Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Senegal;

•Dr. Joseph Makundi, a senior lecturer at the College of Business Education in Tanzania;

•Dr. Clement Chirwa, the first African Virtual University alumnus to receive an honorary doctorate from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya;

•Dr. Godwin Murunga, a professor at Egerton University in Kenya who is also the founder and director of the Centre for Applied Research in Information Technology (CARIT);

•Mr. Mutisya Mutuku, an IT entrepreneur from Kenya who is also the founder and CEO of 3D Secure Technologies Ltd.;

•Mr. Christopher Okinda, a Kenyan entrepreneur who is also the founder and CEO of CIO East Africa Ltd.;

•Ms. Florence Otieno-Mboya, a professor at Maseno University in Kenya;

•Ms. Doris Akoth Ondieki, an IT consultant from Kenya who is also the co-founder and managing director of G4S Solutions Ltd.;

•Mr. John Ochieng Owino, a Ugandan entrepreneur who is also the founder and CEO of AfriCloud Solutions Ltd.;

•Mr. Robert Mugabe Jr., a Zimbabwean entrepreneur who is also the founder and CEO of ZimCrowd Technologies Ltd.;

•Mr David Okwii ,an IT expert from Uganda who is also co-founder & Managing Director at Soft Tech Solutions Limited ;

•Ms Vivian Omollo ,an IT expert from Kenya who is Founder & Managing Director at Kivu Technologies Limited ;

•Ms Akinyi Odongo ,an IT expert from Kenya who is Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Wabash Computing Services

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