About CEO

What does CEO mean?

According to abbreviationfinder, CEO is short for Chief Executive Officer. The position of CEO is equivalent to the position of managing director or manager of a company. In contrast to the title of the managing director, the designation has no significant legal role in German-speaking countries.

The term chief executive officer comes from the US and is used more and more frequently in Germany over time. The exact meaning of CEO varies from country to country. CEOs come in many different forms. Exactly what a CEO does depends on the size and type of company.

What are the duties of a CEO?

As a manager of a company, the CEO has a lot of responsibility because he is in a senior position. Depending on the size of the company, the CEO is directly involved in the day-to-day work of the employees and conducts customer meetings. The CEOs mainly take care of regulated processes and control the company, bring in new ideas and ensure implementation.

There are also tasks such as strategic organization and the expansion of the company through new strategies. The leading position of CEO entails a lot of work, so he is usually committed, likes to take responsibility and invests a lot of time and energy in his work

About CEO