About Contour

The first step that we are going to take before entering fully to establish the meaning of the term contour is to determine its etymological origin. In this sense, we can say that it comes from Latin because it is the result of the sum of two parts of that language: the prefix “with”, which can be translated as “all”, and “tornus”, which is synonymous with “turned around. ”.

According to abbreviationfinder, the meanings of the term contour are quite varied. The concept can be used to name those lines that allow the limits of an image or a figure to be traced. For example: “When you paint your notebook, try not to get out of the contours of the people”, “The teacher asked us to highlight the outline of the squares, but not the rectangles”, “Although it had the outline blurred, it was easy identify the lion in the child’s drawing ”.

Contour as perimeter

Contour can also be used as a synonym for perimeter. In this case, the contour refers to the edges or limits of a surface : “We have already wired the entire contour of the field”, “What happens beyond the contour is not our problem”.

You can calculate the contour or perimeter of a surface by adding each of its sides. In a square whose sides are 20 centimeters, its outline will be equal to 80 centimeters.

The concept in cosmetics

In the case of cosmetics, the word that we are analyzing is also used and it is used, for example, to refer to what has been called eye contour. And it is that this area, the one that surrounds the eyes, becomes one of the parts of the face where expression lines are most accentuated and where wrinkles appear most.

For this reason, both men and women who want to look younger, take special care of that contour. What do they do about it? Apply concealers, use specific moisturizers for that part of the face and put on makeup correctly. In this case, the tricks that exist in this last aspect are to apply a white pencil in the area of the tear duct, use eyeshadows in neutral colors, use eyeliners in brown tones, correctly define the eyebrows or make up the eyelashes.

Other uses of the notion of contour

Within what would be the field of numismatics, the term in question is also frequently used. In this case it is used to refer to what is the edge of a coin or that of a medal.

Another meaning of contour is linked to those towns or territories that surround a city. In this case, the term is usually used in the plural (contours): “The most serious social problems are located on the outskirts of the capital, where the infrastructures are deficient”.

A proper name

“Contour” is also the name of anArgentine magazine that had ten editions between 1953 and 1959. Its founders were the brothers Ismael and David Viñas.

Finally, Contour is the name of an entity based in the Federal District of Mexico that presents itself as a “center for prospective and debate” and whose purpose is to promote socio-political debate.