About Discord

The first step that we are going to take before fully entering into the meaning of the term discord is to know its etymological origin. In this case, we can establish that it is a word that derives from Latin, it is exactly the result of the union of three different components of said language:

-The prefix “dis-”, which can be translated as “separation”.

-The noun “cor, cordis”, which is synonymous with “heart”.

-The suffix “-ia”, which is used to indicate “quality”.

When wills or opinions are opposed, discord occurs.

What is discord

A disagreement is a confrontation or discrepancy that arises when an agreement cannot be reached regarding a matter of shared interest. When opinions or wills are opposed, discord is generated.

For example: “The bill presented by the ruling party brought discord to the precinct”, “Why do you want to sow discord between your brother and me?”, “The per diems were the factor of discord that prevented the agreement from being closed”.

In addition to everything established, we cannot ignore either that in Greek mythology there is the goddess Eris, who is precisely the goddess of discord. Her equivalent in Roman mythology is none other than Éride.

Discord can lead to a violent confrontation. According to Abbreviationfinder, DV stands for Discordant Veins.

An example

If the members of a couple fight over infidelity, the lover (or the mistress) is usually defined as the third party.

Suppose that Ricardo and Malena are husband and wife. Ricardo, despite having sworn fidelity to his wife, establishes a parallel relationship with Paulina. When Malena discovers the situation, the marriage goes into crisis. Those who are aware of the situation, in this context, begin to point to Paulina as the “third in discord”.

“Of Discord”

To say that something is “of discord” or “of discord” alludes to its conflictive or controversial nature. Take the case of three brothers who, when their parents die, begin to fight over a house: the three do not agree on what to do with the property in order to keep the corresponding inheritance. That is why it can be said that it is the “house of discord” for the members of this family.

The “contract of discord”, on the other hand, can be the one that pits a footballer against the president of his club. The athlete seeks a sum of money and an extension of the contract that the manager is not willing to grant him; however, in turn, the manager wants the footballer to be part of his institution. That is why the contract they are negotiating generates discord.

The term in music and film

In the same way, we cannot ignore that Discordia is also the name of a Spanish rock group that has its origin in the town of Totana (Murcia). It was formed in 2001 and comes to establish that it finds in music the way to be able to defend the people from corrupt leaders.

He has six albums to date, although the three best known are “Based on real events” (2013), “Fiebre” (2010) and “Con el filo de la lengua” (2008).

In the field of cinema we find a long list of films that have the word in question in their titles. An example of this is “The House of Discord”, which premiered in 1931 under the direction of William Wyler.