Alexander McQueen Campaign Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: Raquel Zimmermann as New Queen

With so many campaigns, it is curious to see how to deal with the coming autumn season from different perspectives. If we compare the view of Marc Jacobs with the of Alexander McQueen It seems that we we have two different times. A mark is passed Joker and the other of grandstanding. Right in the Middle have to many others (Sonia Rykiel, Fendi…).

Raquel Zimmermann is the one who takes to Lindsey Wixson, great picture last summer between butterflies flying to its around. Between the two I’ll stick right with that, since the new me seems too overdone when presenting a brand from a point of view close to the romantic trend in painting, which I exceeded.

Behind the camera is the British photographer David Sims. Spectacular gowns that we had already seen in the Paris fashion week now are passed to a countryside obscured in shadow, with sad vision in which Raquel Zimmermann appears which Virgin saving.

McQ with Masumi and Keane by David Sims

In the young mark McQueen, McQ the campaign is going in other directions. For this occasion David Sims collaborates with Aaron Parsons, modern artist who recreates the details of the network in their works, as they already do in their time with the cover of the last album of M.I.A., Maya.