Aline Weber and Derek Lam, What More Is Needed?

As if it were a perfect tandem or the puzzle pieces they fit perfectly, the top Aline Weber is the image of the new campaign autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 signature Derek Lam. The model who once ran out of eyebrows by requirements of the script (that is to be professional) and male traits comes divine on these images.

And it seems that the colors that come with this force new season they are the Red (especially in shelters) and the sky blue: I like both but I still don’t dare to take them in cold season. Although knowing that tastes vary depending on fashion, it is likely to encourage me to use one of the two tones. Who knows, can be up to you to be my ideal…

For the time being We only have an image, but we hope to show you the rest in brief. What do you think?