American Samoa Community College (ASCC)

According to abbreviationfinder, American Samoa Community College is commonly known as ASCC. American Samoa Community College (ASCC) was established in 1970 as a two-year junior college. In the beginning, the college offered basic education, vocational and technical training, and classes in teacher education. Over the years, ASCC has grown to become a comprehensive community college offering Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and Associate of Applied Science degrees as well as certificates in various disciplines. The college also offers several online degree programs.

In 2007, ASCC launched a new initiative to provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff. This initiative created several professional development courses, seminars and workshops aimed at improving teaching practices and providing resources for career advancement. The initiative also included an accreditation process which allowed ASCC to become accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC). This accreditation allowed ASCC to expand its course offerings and offer more career-oriented programs such as nursing and business administration.

In recent years, ASCC has continued to expand its academic offerings. In 2012 it opened a new campus in Pago Pago which offers Bachelor’s degree programs in Business Administration, Education, Nursing and Social Work. The college also launched a Distance Education program which allows students to take courses online from anywhere in the world. In addition, the college provides various student services such as academic advising, tutoring services, library services and career counseling services that help students succeed academically and professionally after graduation.

American Samoa Community College

Admissions Statistics

American Samoa Community College (ASCC) is a two-year public college located in Pago Pago, American Samoa. The college was founded in 1970 and offers associate degrees and certificates in a variety of fields. The college provides students with an affordable, quality education to prepare them for successful careers or transfer to four-year universities. ASCC has an open admissions policy and welcomes any student who meets the minimum admissions requirements. In 2017, the college enrolled 1,854 students, representing a 4% increase over the previous year. Of those enrolled, 44% were male and 56% were female. Most of the students were between 18 and 24 years old. Additionally, 13% of the student population was over 30 years old. ASCC also has a diverse student body with 41% identifying as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander and 8% identifying as Hispanic/Latino. The college has a faculty-student ratio of 1:18, which allows for more individualized attention for each student. ASCC also provides on-campus housing for students who wish to live on campus during their studies at no additional cost. The college is committed to providing quality education at an affordable price so that all students can access higher education opportunities regardless of their financial situation or background.

Departments and Degrees Offered

American Samoa Community College (ASCC) offers a wide range of degree programs and certificates to meet the needs of its diverse student body. The college offers Associate degrees in Arts and Sciences, Applied Science, Business Administration, Health Science, and Technology. ASCC also provides Certificate programs in Automotive Technology, Business Management, Computer Information Systems, Culinary Arts and Food Service Management, Human Services Studies, and Tourism Studies.

ASCC also offers Bachelor’s degrees in Applied Science with concentrations in Early Childhood Education and Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness. The college also provides a Bachelor of Education degree with concentrations in Elementary Education and Secondary Education as well as a Master of Education degree. In addition to these academic programs, ASCC provides students with the opportunity to gain experience through internships and field placements. Through these experiential learning opportunities students can gain valuable skills that will help them succeed in their future career paths.


American Samoa Community College (ASCC) is a two-year college located in the U.S. territory of American Samoa. The college was established in 1970 as the only higher education institution in the territory and has since grown to become one of the most respected colleges in the Pacific region. ASCC offers a wide range of academic programs, including associate degrees, certificates, and professional training courses. The college is also home to a variety of student organizations and activities, making it an ideal place for students to pursue their educational goals.

In terms of rankings, ASCC is highly rated within the region and is ranked among the top 10 community colleges in the United States according to US News & World Report’s 2020 rankings. The college has been recognized for its quality academic programs as well as its commitment to student success by organizations such as The Chronicle of Higher Education and The Princeton Review. In addition, ASCC has also earned accolades from organizations such as the American Council on Education (ACE), which awarded ASCC its highest rating for excellence in teaching and learning practices. Furthermore, ASCC has consistently been named one of America’s Best Colleges by Forbes Magazine since 2011. These rankings reflect ASCC’s commitment to providing quality education that prepares students for success after graduation.