Ashley Olsen Lengthen Their Skirts

The famous Olsen twins were always very to follow any trend that is avecine and, once again, we can see how one of them has returned to the old ways. It is of Ashley Olsen, celebritie which has signed up to long skirts fashion , a trend that this spring/summer stomps.

Whether for formal or informal moments, Ashley does not separate a minute of their long skirts, seemingly very comfortable. Off-road clothing that Ashley has worn this week, nothing more and nothing less than four times!

Ashley Olsen seems to be very much in its sauce with this trend of long skirts, and dancers from Chanel, Jersey wool and hair collected, have seen it walking around New York City one morning any.

A similar look is Ashley who chose to stroll, once again, New York, before making a getaway to Paris with his sister Mary Kate. This time bet on the total look in pastel tones. Do you like?

And other styling of the young fashionista has left us this week with long skirt and slightly more sophisticated: long skirt in black leather jacket in the same color and striped shirt. As a beautiful bag in Chanel pastel blue color climax … care Ash, you can steal!

And finally, we see how long skirts can also be a garment for the night with this styling that, this time, shares with his inseparable sister. An outfit very boho formed by dress ankle in black, with tribal aires, halls of heel and a scarf in earth tone. What like the Olsen put layers and layers!

Do you like the style of Ashley Olsen? Do you think that it favors this trend?