Beauty-Interview With Kaya Of “Stop The Water While Using Me“

On average, we have 50 beauty products in the bathroom. You don’t think I don’t. Go but if we count all that stuff to Duschzeug, care lines and pretty makers. Is organic in nature is in, sustainability is in. But in the cosmetic closet? There even more. Concerns because just like in food and clothing’s just our body and which is particularly well treated, non? The trend towards more awareness is slow but sure to stop – and we are all infected. Time more to focus on the natural cosmetics and to present alternatives that around all powerfully make a spanner in the drum, the eternal muffin. Searched, found: May we introduce? Stop the water while using me! – natural cosmetics with transfer idea, with hortatory reminder service and very much good in it. 

We looked at us once more the line and in an interview with the maker Kaya “stop the water while using me!” information and the DOS and Don ’ ts in the beauty area lit. Our verdict: not just pretty looks, activates also the head, smells incredibly tasty and feels extremely good.

There is a simple rule, we learn: either the packing is fancy and we believe that the product is bad – or the packaging is ugly, and we believe the ingredients were good. „ stop the water while using me! “ want to give all these prejudices out of the way, provides us with a natural product and pretty pretty packaging and appeals to our consumer : Please less consumption of resources.

Thus they meet exactly our nerve: because we are not all too often argue that the others are fault that it is getting worse for the environment? Are we. The others are the bad guys. We can help it. Not true. Great do and home start – namely consumption. From light, water tap to the bike to work, eat seasonal. Sustainability begins with each of us – and “stop the water while using me!” wants us to remind every morning. Rightly so!

Janes: love Kaya, your name is program. Let’s just this: we are continually harassed with the prejudice, in Germany, we would have to consume actually much more water to keep the ducts clean. Ain’t that right, or?

Kaya: Tjaha, which we hear all the time. We believe that as a fairly large lobby behind is. Businesses would make less money if not so much water would flow through our lines. But we can not muster but that as an argument, to save any water. With the argument: Well, I have plenty of water waste, so that the pipes stay clean. Incorrect: We need new tubes and smaller pipes – what should be done. We are also represented on the world – and water scarcity is a global problem.

No seal – it was deliberately, because so much
operated Schabernack.

Jane: tell us a little bit of „ stop the water while using me! “: How did the idea in the first place?

Kaya: the Hamburg design agency Korefe to Stefan Kolle is responsible for the line in the first place – which have not only developed the concept of beauty bio, but just decided to raise the entire line itself, instead of offering one of their customers. The idea was to give a new image of natural cosmetics and to offer a cool product, which does not, how really typical, necessarily, marketed in health food stores but in concept stores. It should look designy and also urge by the name of the product line level: Mach from the water when you don’t need it.

Jane: so rather unconventional design to the product coming?

Kaya: exactly. It was then an own gmbh for “stop the water while using me! “ founded, which only taking care of the preparation, development, sales and the trappings.

It is: what is paramount in the ingredients, the most thats in there.

You want to test your cosmetics at home take a closer? Then, Kaya has a tip for us. Easy INCI (international nomenclature cosmetic ingredients – so the ingredients) seek out and enter here.

Jane: OK, that sounds unusually in the first moment. How was continue?

Kaya: for the team of course once all newly and for us from the beginning was a huge challenge. We had to first work, all of us in the whole topic in and deal with natural cosmetics. The whole issue of ‘Sustainability’ is incredibly complex and multi-faceted, and we were able to lose no small thing out of sight: it was to find a way, to get well-degradable plastic for packaging (we must not forget the limits!) Or find a laboratory, with which we want to work together and on which we can rely.

SOAP, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shower gel, toothpaste plus toothbrush and next comes a line of face – high-quality and organic, of course.

We do everything myself and are looking for service providers who can provide the best possible input with their expertise. We have developed, for example, just an oil and of course I’m calling in advance at our lab, tell them about our ideas and then develop a formula for us.

If we are satisfied then with the selection, and have been tested for example skin feel, we continue to our hamburger organic perfumer. It works only with essential oils and also developed all according to our wishes and ideas. And then it goes to the filling at the Timmendorfer Strand.

Shipped will be sent by sea freight – prefer long previously ordered, so that we can ship – and that takes naturally longer.

We’re in sustainability as consistently as possible – and therefore is to be produced there, where even the most – consumed and this is just Germany and surrounding areas at the moment. We make sure that the production runs out as sustainable as possible, that will save water and energy anyway.

Jane: why natural cosmetics?

Kai: well, this is actually quite simple. As an example, let’s take the shampoo. Are there very many bad things – the scalp immediately absorbs everything and promoted everything directly into the body. It is worth time through a really bad time to go to operate for one month no shampooing – there are even studies, demonstrating that we need actually, no shampoo, but just water.

The sustainable intent is in the foreground and not the economic sense.

And yet we all run constantly in the drugstore. We just worked on our shampoo and I am personally thrilled – no more dry hair and that, even though I have really complicated hair. It must therefore be nothing chemical in it to be good. Therefore no cuts must be made with natural cosmetics. Our shampoo Lathers more now – this is not absolutely necessary, but consumers like it so much better.

Jane: OK, only good things in it. Understood. But why are your products then yet relatively inexpensive compared to some other, high-quality product.

Kaya: that is because we produce naturally now higher amounts. And so really cheap, it’s not really Yes. If you feel us now as relatively inexpensive, there are many who find our line of relatively expensive of course super. We must of course be sure that „ stop the water while using me! “ find products in the market and that the barriers are not so high. We want consumers using the product in conjunction to come and do not therefore high margins. The idea of sustainability is to spread and that is the main goal–rather than to earn millions. We want to start on a small scale – to reach the people. And we believe that it takes place best in everyday life. “top the water while using me!” As a metaphor and as an extension of consciousness.

Jane: bio = OK, content, packaging = sustainable = sophisticated distribution and logistics. How to do more? Will even more products type s or is something else in the wings?

Kaya: to all Yes! But it is also a project in the wings: on our third birthday – 22 3 (World Water Day) – is returned. In the form of our “good water projects”. Now we want to promote so annual intelligent water projects, in needy areas defeat water scarcity, and support research projects. The first starts early March in Tanzania. We must not reveal more but at this point – we’ll keep you posted but.

Merci, you love. I’m fan – about you and your project. And press all thumbs, that it works and the message comes

Prejudices and all counter-arguments you will find here. What about it is, you will learn quite transparent right next to the individual products in the shop.