Beauty Trend: Nail Art Interview with Anne of Nailinger

In this country, almost no event comes out more without nail art. What over there once spilled from London, of course no longer be missing in Berlin and in Antwerp, don’t get around: at the artist Studio exhibition Eastpak the Wah led nail girls during the party to nail creations in record time. Small works of art on the fingernails are so no longer de rigueur Chick, but lionized at last, and a matter of course. Enough, that we also finally more attention the topic and the whole look at take reason. And who could we consult as better as a good friend, which makes your hobby more and more to the occupation, hmm?

Correctly. We also thought of us and asked Anna aka Nailinger. The good conjures up miniature works of art with their paints on the nails for a year now and has brought equal times on the nail for me the angehimmelte marble pattern. The result: Way with the old associations to chick baloney, Proll fingers and gel nails – because that have long been overboard. Although I forget myself all the time to paint my nails me – Anna werd I now however more often for this visit. Merci, you dear.

And that the nail business so slow but comes in the running, proves Anna for a long time: accompanied big feature in the cosmopolitan, conjured up colorful nails also Jessie and Ari, and is constantly on the Berlin events on the road. How she ever came up, what makes nail art so special and what their opinion no longer goes to the nails, she betrayed me PIDE and coffee. Merci for your time, dear Anna < 3

Janes: Dear Anna, how you came actually to the nail design?

Anna: I painted myself has always been fond me the nails and was then at Sophie from the illustrated nail with a girlfriend to let me make the nails. This was the first time that I have come even with nail art in contact. I found cool and I thought I can do that. Then I directly actions match my words and get all this stuff for me, I informed and been tried.

Janes: what must you get so exactly?

Anna: I bought Nail Art Pens, tested it and tried me on the classic Leo pattern. And then went’s even further with glitter stones and other shenanigans. Is now slow’s increasingly costly: new brush come, more and more colors.

Janes: are your personal check-list for the basic equipment?

Anna: A very good base coat and a good excess paint are the essential things – even if you painted just red nails. For small nail art player I would put me in the pen by LCN or models own – with black and white you can also start a nice Leo pattern.

Janes: I personally never use base coat, because it simply takes too long about me. A plea for the base coat, please!

Anna: well, it protects the nail easily. I’m also not a big fan of the smoothing nail arrows, because they make the nail just broken. With base coat you get a regular reason spirited. And the excess paint is great for finish: smooths also gives a beautiful shine and protects the paint of course.

Janes: your product recommendation at this point? A good base coat you get by…

Anna: I’m big fan of Essie and the base coat, which I strongly suggest is called Norish me because who cares just beautiful nails. And as excess paint I recommend let it shine.

Janes: how is different from the classical manicure nail art?

Anna: well, when manicure is sure rather, to put the nail in the form and “send” to make. At the end is still a carefully painted lacquer over it and you’re ready. The latter is but not so in the foreground. And the shape is edited just nail art, however, the focus is simply on the painting. Here, the art to bring the nail.

Janes: since when are we talking of a nail art hype?

Anna: Sophy Lurchi or also Sharmadean Reid by Wah nails from London are among the pioneers and have begun years ago. But in the States we have super long subject. Artists like Rihanna and M.I.A. Yes also completely support that. However it started right here until about a year ago.

Janes: we Germans remain just faithful to us and require more time for everything.

Anna: it had a dusty image but also long with us and was cheaper. And in America, it is also quite normal to go regularly to the manicure and pedicure. And with us it is just Oh, I have me now something because it is also not necessarily cheap. And the image is strangely just worse.

Janes: you have just addressed: how expensive are doing ten little fingers with you?

Anna: it starts at 25 euros and then can of course infinitely high go – depending on what you there so freaky would like.

Janes: nail art is at the moment crazy popular events. We have you in the & other stories opening seen – where will you around soon?

Anna: I’m on the weekend at X-Mas Voodoo market – and got a few Christmas patterns in petto. And after next weekend, one finds me at Christmas bite Club. I am just still with magazines in the conversation and do a few dates for events. So, there’s something coming.

Janes: you do that mostly sidelines and PR consultant in your real life. Are for Nailinger any personal goals, desires or dreams, where’;s could go soon maybe?

Anna: Oh, I let it come to me. At some point I could imagine already, to turn the hobby into a career. I think that of always the dream, otherwise you should also not pursue the passion. If you would be happy only with what you do now, you would stand always on one point. And that finally not propel one ahead, or?

Janes: Oh, one final question I still: what’s the matter with French Manicure. Is or is not?

Anna: uh, difficult. I find with short nails full ok, but very difficult in long’s – that looks relatively fast cheap. At new French Manicure that’s different, so two colorful paints but again – dark blue and light blue, for example. I would advise you however also gel nails, because they damage the nail usually. What does not mean that I could not understand, why some people find it beautiful. For example, if you chew nails and want to stop it already. You should do this however professionally to buy something instead of getting in the drugstore. Shellac, a mixture of gel and Polish, I would recommend also. He also destroys the nails. Last even two weeks, brings at the end but nothing.

Maintain you can his nails by the way, quite simply with olive oil, baby oil or other lubricant. This is by the way, ever perfect for the beginning.