CFW Beauty Inspired By The 20s, 40s And 90s Or: Rolled, Gezwirbelt & Draped On The Head

The overall concept is part of a perfect look of course, we all know that: shoes, accessories, makeup and hair quite deliberately stress the collection, sources of inspiration will give price or take back so that the focus is on the creations should remain the designer. The latter is especially popular with our Berlin Designer: backwards gegelte hair or the deep-seated ponytail are in this country once again welcome’s Dressup sets – taking back and unobtrusive. Too bad really, because just the Copenhagen fashion week makes year after year before: the header must not be bored or immediately into oblivion – instead, twisted, turned and wrapped around the neck. 

Especially has done my Noa Noa braided design, closely followed by tree + horse garden 20s of inspired, easily distinguished plucked water wave or the lateral Tolle in the style of the 40s with Wackerhaus. Do desired, thus finally again what happens on our heads!

Mads Norgaard

It must have been sometime in the 90s or DNFS: who was quite kess, twirled and turned what was that stuff. Mads Nørgaard is apparently for a revival of these creations. Maybe not necessarily everyday use in this manner, it can be Flash carefree childhood days.


I have a weakness for the fashionable 40s and especially the hair creations. Side screwed and plugged away – at quite fantastic in the editorial of the Swedish Elle tell out.

Tree + horse garden

One A collection, one A hairstyling. The accurate water wave is picked just a little apart and looks fantastic.

Freya Dalsjo

Freya Dalsjo Copenhagen is most popular rediscovery. Their design is unfortunately something to hide burdened me – and this makes it for me in fact hard to want to judge about it at all. Nevertheless, her hair styling is at least as exciting – and looped just around the neck. Sure not everyday use, for this but quite nicely implemented and the occasion according to

Noa Noa

somewhere between romantic and pretty confident and my clear winner of the previous CFW: Noa Noa. Braided and looped around the head. Pinned, finished. I’d like to see on the street