Kendall Jenner Is La Nina Darling of Fashion, Is Truth That You Make Bulling?

Say, discussed and rumored, the models do not see with good eyes to Kendall Jenner. And is that having the surname Kardashian close, that your sister is the amiguisima of Riccardo Tisci y Olivier Rousteing, and have direct line with the great fashion It should be a little mosques. And apparently it raises blisters where it goes. Although it is already known that tongues are sometimes just that, gossip.

Reportedly the largest of the Jenner could have suffered bullying in any of the parades of this pass New York fashion week. Says the American publication of InTouch, the model was found cigarette butts in your drink. It might seem a hoax of the tabloid media, but the truth is that the Fashionista website thus ratified it by adding that,

Whenever we find Jenner at an event during the New York fashion week or during the backstage, he was getting a special treatment as private spaces to make phone calls or sites to rest outside the press

Photo of discord

For get away from the rumors and deny all such gossip, Kendall did not hesitate in hang a picture in one of the backstage under the title you can’t sit with us, referring to the movie Mean Girls and wanting to be circumventing this situation.

Photo posted by the model with the title of ‘you can’ t sit with us’

If it is true or not… Time will tell what.

Photos | Instagram @elite_london, @kendalljenner

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