Meaning of Annulling

The annular concept has several meanings. When it comes from the null term (invalid or non-existent), it is a verb that refers to making something lose its effect or remain suspended.

For example: “The government is considering canceling the dam construction project due to protests by environmental groups, ” “Are they really going to cancel the show’s presentation?” , “We would have to cancel the delivery of merchandise until they pay us the debt. ”

The action of annulling a vote or a marriage, in this context, implies invalidating the suffrage or the marriage union, respectively.

Annulling can also be linked to disavowing, relegating or incapacitating a person: “Claudio will always try to annul Juan because he does not like him”, “I am sick of Andrés wanting to annul me: I am going to ask them to change my office”, “The The home team will have to make an effort to cancel the Brazilian striker ”.

The notion of annulling, on the other hand, may come from the Latin word annulāris. In this case, the term refers to that linked to a ring (a small ring or circle).

The ring finger is located between the little finger and the middle finger. Also known as the fourth finger (thumb is considered as the first and start counting from it), the ring finger is usually placed where the alliance (wedding ring).

This tradition of putting the wedding ring on the ring finger seems to have its origin in Ancient Rome, although there are those who establish that it was already made in Ancient Egypt. Of course, it should be borne in mind that, although there are many traditions, it is usual for this wedding ring to be placed on what is the right hand and the engagement ring on the left.

In addition to everything indicated, we cannot ignore that there is also what is known as an annular eclipse. This term is used to refer to the eclipse of the sun, characterized by the fact that the Moon, located near the so-called apogee, has a smaller angular diameter than the Sun. Hence the result is a singular image in which a disk of the quoted astro king.

An annular galaxy is one whose appearance is similar to the appearance of a ring. The same can be said of an annular hurricane, characterized by having an eye surrounded by a ring.

Within the field of photography we can emphasize that the term we are analyzing is also used. Specifically, in this field we talk about ring flash. This is the flash that is identified because it proceeds to mount around what is the objective of the camera. As a general rule, macro photography is used to take large snapshots.

Also, it must be taken into account that this type of flash was invented in the early 1950s, specifically in 1952, by Lester A. Dine. Specifically, he started using what was dental photography.