Meaning of Appendix

The Latin term appendix came to our language as an appendix. The concept has several uses: according to the first meaning included in the dictionary prepared by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), an appendix is something that is added or attached to something else, as an accessory or complement.

For example: “In the appendix of the report, the World Health Organization provides numerous statistics on infant mortality worldwide”, “Readers can find all the sources I consulted in the appendix of the book”, “The new plant industrial will have an appendix that will serve as a warehouse ”.

Appendix can be used as a synonym for addendum: what is added to a text with the aim of expanding the contents of the main body. A book, manual, or contract may have appendices.

Many and varied are the types of appendix of this class that exist. However, among the most significant we can highlight the following:
-The appendices as a term glossary. Their clear function is to explain to the reader what the most significant and important terms that he has been able to find throughout the publication mean. Typically, they appear as a list and ordered alphabetically.
-Addresses of addresses. These are not physical addresses as such, but rather the web pages that are of interest in relation to the subject matter that has been addressed in the publication.
-The documentation appendices. As their own name already indicates, they are those who try to collect and gather important documents that come to explain what has been exposed in previous pages. As a general rule, they will appear in alphabetical order and next to the sources where they have been obtained.

Broadly speaking, we can establish that these are the types of appendix that can be found. Of course, it is interesting to know that, in recent years and as a consequence of the advancement of technology, they can be presented in a different format than the rest of the publication. So, for example, it can be on paper and the appendices can be shown in pen drive or even cd or dvd format.

In the field of biology, the appendix is ​​a vestigial organ (it lost its functions with evolution) that is attached to the cecum (the first section of the large intestine). Also called cecal appendix, appendix vermicular or the vermiform appendix, it is a structure with cylindrical shape and hollow.

The inflammation of the appendix is called appendicitis. This disorder causes severe pain and forces the appendix to be removed from the body through surgery called an appendectomy. If this operation is not performed, appendicitis can lead to an infection that causes peritonitis (an inflammation of the peritoneum that can cause death).

Among the most common symptoms that indicate the existence of appendicitis are from dizziness to fever to diarrhea, loss of appetite or vomiting. However, the most forceful is the set of pains in the lower right area of ​​the abdomen.

In arthropods, finally, the structure is called an appendix that is made up of elements that are articulated with each other and that appear in pairs, such as the wings.