Meaning of Ball

A ball is often used in various sports and games. They are usually inflated with air, so they are quite light and can be easily moved or propelled.

From the invention of the wheel, the human being understood that there were other ways in which entertainment could be understood, in this way, the ball emerged, a spherical element that by rotating it could allow them different trainings, such as going after it, passing it by hand in hand, put it in a circle and fill their lives with fun. In the beginning, the balls were designed in carved wood and other elements of the time. Later, with the advancement of technologies, new ways of achieving this were known.

Historians believe that the inventor of the ball as we know it today was the Chinese ruler Fu-Hi, who, in the 4th century BC, formed a spherical mass with different roots and covered it with pieces of rawhide. Apparently, the Chinese were limited to playing ball informally. Over time, Mesoamerican cultures devised balls that could bounce, using latex and rubber. The Aztecs, the Romans, the Egyptians, and the Greeks already had formal ball games.

It should be mentioned that according to the shape of the ball, the size and the material with which it has been designed, it can be used for one type of movement or another. Some balls, for example, do not bounce (such as bowling balls or bocce balls) and others can, (such as soccer, handball or tennis balls).

In general, a ball can bounce and do pirouettes in the air thanks to the fact that it has been designed so that, when certain external factors influence it, it moves in a certain way; so much so that if a ball is fully inflated it has more force than if it is deflated and therefore it can rise higher and perform more turns in the air as well.

Balls and handball

In general, the balls have a spherical shape, although each sport has its own balls with different characteristics (these are used in soccer, basketball and volleyball), although there are also oval ones (like the one used in rugby or in American football).

The way to play with the ball varies according to the sport. In soccer, you push yourself with any part of your body except arms and hands. In basketball, on the other hand, only the hands can be used. In volleyball, the main objective is that the ball does not touch the own field of play and make it sting in the opponent’s field.

In tennis, baseball, billiards, cricket, and golf, among other sports, balls are propelled with accessories such as rackets, paddles, and sticks.

Among the sports that use the ball is also handball, also known as handball. It is a set of equipment (two opposing) with seven players each (six players and a goalkeeper of field according to how to form the team coach occupy either put into the field). The objective is to reach the area occupied by the opponent and score a goal. The ball used is medium, much smaller than the one used in professional football, made of leather and with a significant rebound capacity.. Players of the same team must pass the ball from one to another without touching it with their foot and being able to take up to three steps with it in hand or, failing that, walking as many steps as they wish while bouncing it on the ground.