Meaning of Handball

Handball is the name of a sport that is also known as handball or handball. In this game, two teams of seven members each face each other: the winning team is the one that manages to score the most goals.

In handball, as its name suggests, the ball (ball) is mobilized and thrown using the hands. The playing field is rectangular and has a goal (arch) at each end. Each team has a goalkeeper (goalkeeper) and six field players who try to score goals in the opposing goal. It also has seven substitutes to make changes.

The handball matches for sixty minutes, divided into two segments of thirty minutes each. If the two teams score the same number of goals, the match ends tied.

In its origins, handball was played outdoors and with a larger number of players. Over the years, its rules were modified until the current regulations were agreed. In addition, the games began to be played in closed gyms.

Typically, each team tries to get closer to the opposing goal by passing the ball between their players, although it is also possible to advance individually, with the same player transferring it. When the team that controls the ball is already close to the opponent’s goal, it can attempt a shot to score a goal. Defenders, meanwhile, may try to steal the ball from the player, intercept a pass, or block a pitch.

Among the best handball players in history we can highlight some such as the following:
-Ivano Balic. He was a Croatian player who occupied the central position and who was elected the best player of the season on several occasions. However, it should be noted that the IHF chose him as the best of all time. He became Olympic champion in 2004 and world champion in 2003.
-Arpad Stervik. He is a handball goalkeeper and currently plays for RK Vardar. He has been chosen up to five times as the best player in the ASOBAL league and with the Spanish team he has achieved a wide record such as the gold medal in the Handball World Championship in 2013.
-Magnus Wilander. He is considered the best player in this sport of the entire 20th century. He played in the center-back position and has a really impressive record with two world championships, two Olympic runners-up, five European championships…
-Rafael Guijosa. He is a former handball player born in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) who was elected the best player in the world in 1999. He occupied the position of left winger and achieved a truly impressive career: silver medal in the 1998 European Championship, a bronze medal at the Sydney Olympic Games (2000), a bronze medal at the European Cup in Croatia (2000), 9 ASOBAL leagues, 6 King’s Cups, 9 Spanish Super Cups, 5 European Cups…

With male and female modality, among the main handball powers worldwide are those selected from France, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Germany and Romania.