Meaning of Rig

The concept of rigging has several uses. In its broadest sense, it refers to the set of elements that are needed to perform some tasks. For example: “The firefighters had to use a rig to rescue the horse that had fallen into the well”, “My father built a rig to paint the roof more easily”, “The boat was refloated with the help of a complex rig”.

The rigging idea may refer to a hoist. This term, which comes from the Latin word polyspaston, refers to the machine that is made up of a system that combines mobile and fixed pulleys. The rig can thus be used to move very heavy objects by using a rope that drives the pulleys.

In the field of fishing, the series of tools and devices used in the activity is called rigging. The rod, line, weights and hooks, in this framework, are part of the fishing tackle.

The nautical rig, on the other hand, is made up of the sails, masts, rigging and rods of a boat. Thanks to the rigging, the boat can be propelled using the force of the wind.

It is established that the origin of the nautical rig is already in Ancient Egypt. However, over time it evolved. In this way, for example, a long list of masts such as the ratchet, mizzen, contramesana or bowsprit, among others, began to be shaped.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that there is a great variety of gear. Specifically, among the most significant we can highlight the royal or star, the head, the comb, the cat, the toner rig, the crab, the fan, the manageable…

In the field of construction, finally, it is known as rigging in the way of organizing and joining the different materials used in a work. You can choose, in the case of stone rigs, between an irregular rig or a regular rig (which can be small, medium or large). There are also brick rigs, which can be rope rigging, tambourine rigging, and others.

The sardinel, the rope and blight, the American, the herringbone or flamenco with other types of rigging that are used within the field of construction.

In the same way, we cannot forget the existence of a profession: that of rigger. This becomes the certified technician who, under the instructions and orders of an architect, is in charge of executing various jobs that are related to the construction of buildings. In Spain, it is usual for town councils to have a rigger who, among other things, is the one who takes the lead in putting up various important constructions for the municipality in question.

Exactly it is established that this professional can direct a work, carry out the project of a work, legalize the direction of material execution, the project of legalization of works or the direction of material execution of the work.