Meaning of Yearbook

In order to know the meaning of the term yearbook, the first thing we must do is determine its etymological origin. In this case, it must be emphasized that it derives from Latin and that it is the result of the sum of two different components:
-The noun “annus”, which can be translated as “year”.
-The suffix “-arium”, which is used to indicate “belonging”.

It is known as directory to the publication appears annually with useful information for professionals or specialists from different sectors. Yearbooks generally include statistics, contact details and addresses that may contribute to the development of an activity or to the conduct of an analysis or study.

For example: “According to the last yearbook of the federation, sales in our sector fell by 14%”, “The tourist yearbook reveals that the arrival of European travelers to the country increased”, “The presentation of the yearbook of the Association of Audiovisual Creators will take place tomorrow at the Don Bosco Theater ”.

Yearbooks are usually intended to collect statistical data. An association of entrepreneurs from a certain industry can publish investment and sales figures every year. Over the years, these yearbooks allow the development of the sector to be studied through comparisons.

The yearbooks, on the other hand, are documents that record the activities performed in the last school year. They usually include photographs of the students, data from the teachers and details of the projects that were carried out. Blank pages are left at the end of the yearbook for students who shared classes to sign and comment. Each yearbook, in this way, must pass through the hands of the different students so that they all put their signature. Finally, the owner of the yearbook retrieves it with the signatures of her companions and can keep it as a memory of the year that passed.

School yearbooks are essential to include a series of sections or key elements in order to ensure that they remain as a beautiful memory:

-It is important that they start with a few words from the director of the center, where he comes to review what the course has been.

-You have to collect the photographs not only of the corresponding graduation ceremony but also of the most special appointments that took place during the course. Hence, snapshots of both school trips and celebrations on specific dates, sporting victories or academic competitions, festivals, workshops of various kinds, theater or dance performances can appear…

In Spain, for example, one of the publications that has one of the most successful yearbooks is the film magazine “Fotogramas”. This makes a yearbook in which it comes to collect from the highest grossing films of those twelve months to the great premieres that took place, the actors that have been most talked about or the results that were obtained in the most important awards ceremonies, like the Goya or the Oscars.