National University of Jujuy (Argentina)

National University of Jujuy (UNJ or UNJu). National public university of Argentina, located in San Salvador de Jujuy, province of Jujuy. Founded in 1973, it has four faculties and five institutes.

Historical review

Since its birth, in 1972, as the Provincial University of Jujuy, nationalized in 1974, the UNJu has been in constant growth. To fulfill its mission, it has four Faculties, two Research Institutes and the “Dr. Horacio Carrillo” School of Mines that operate in buildings distributed throughout the city of San Salvador de Jujuy. Within the UNJu the student has classrooms, laboratories, libraries and other facilities necessary to optimize their performance. The equipment is a constant concern of the university community, knowing that obtaining excellence is also supported by a broad and efficient structure.

College Composition

The UNJu is divided into four faculties. Below their name is indicated the academic offer of the degree offered by each one.

  • Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
    • Agronomic Engineering
    • Bachelor of Bromatology
    • Bachelor of Biological Sciences
  • School of Economics
    • Public accountant
    • Degree in administration
  • Faculty of Humanitiesand Social Sciences
    • Bachelor’s degree and faculty in letters
    • Bachelor and Technician in Anthropology
    • Bachelor of Philosophy
    • Bachelor of Social Communication
    • Master in sciences of the education
  • Faculty of Engineering
    • ChemicalEngineering
    • Mining Engineering
    • industrial engineering
    • ComputerEngineering
    • Bachelor of Systems
    • Bachelor of Food Technology
    • Bachelor of Geological Science

It also has five institutes:

  • Institute of Mining and Industrial Technologies (INTEMI)
  • Institute of Geologyand Mining
  • High Altitude Biology Institute (INBIAL)
  • WildlifeStation _
  • School of Mines


  • UNJu’s motto, “Flammam Tvam Hoc Foco Accende” (Latin for “Light your torch on this fire”) was originally the motto of the Higher Institute of Economic Sciences.
  • Gerardo Morales, a member of the Radical Civic Union, National Senator for Jujuy and candidate for Vice President of the Nation of the ticket led by Roberto Lavagna in the 2007 national elections, graduated from UNJu as a Public Accountant.
  • Doctor Fermín de Vega, who served as full professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Agricultural Sciencesat UNJu, was honored in 2009 by the International Biographical Center as one of the 100 Top Scientists in the World, for his contributions to medicine through his numerous investigations of biophysical chemistry.

National University of Jujuy