Off-White, The Firm Which Is Popular among The Fashion Insiders

Maybe if you say Off-White you don’t know what we’re talking about, but you should know that it is one of the latest signatures that it exist today. Follows the same philosophy as Vetements: designs that are created by merging several garments, jeans with a special roll and sweatshirts XXL with a very own print. Maybe it isn’t your style, but the street style has gone mad with their new collection.

Off-White Street

Celebrities, bloggers and street stylers already know firsthand this firm which has a very peculiar pattern: almost every garment (not all) is decorated with prints based on uniform color stripes. In addition, your designs are also recognized by carry the word Off or White written on them.

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Looking for a different bag?

At the moment are exhausted, although shops of clothes such as net – porter announced that they will have them again soon. This signature bags stand out for wearing a yellow handle with the name of the House in black color. What do you think?

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What clothing do you prefer?

  • Jeans with Fuchsia patch, 420 euros.
  • Mixture of two sweatshirts in a, 405 euros.
  • Electric blue wool jacket, 1.095 euro.
  • Sweatshirt with her back exposed, 430 euros.
  • T-shirt with ruffle front, 295 euros.