Outfit: AN evening in Cannes in a Dress by Stefanel & Muubaa Leather Jacket

Until some time ago, wearing high shoes and too Dapper clothes for me was a really nasty thorn in the side. Because I didn’t know at all how to turn it on: into shell throw but still does not look like a foreign person who basically has nothing to do with the character. Just got I me for so much intolerance of festive garments the absolutely wrong profession chosen. „ Eyes to, and through, you can do it “, I encouraged me so shortly before the kick-off to the travel Marathon across Zurich, New York and Cannes.

After nearly two weeks on high hack I need to admit me actually: so bad ’ s not at all. And somehow, it feels even a bit adult than on sneakers. Not what, that I now want to mutate into the Barbie. But at least I now know that I can, if I must. A little bit I’m relieved even, because otherwise I the uni Bank would have maybe one more time would need to press. To the reorientation.

So I looked so off, just before I had to make Liv Tyler (I say “had to”, because I would have been actually almost fainted and would have much rather ans).  I had while a new dress, but honestly, that was too much for my nerves. I chose so my Stefanel dress from last year, my favorite leather jacket from Muubaa grabbed, to give a casual look whole and slipped into the cosiest high shoes I’ve ever owned. What do you think – is again well gone?

Leather jacket: Muubaa, dress: Stefanel, bag: MCM, shoes: Shoeshibar (collared forest Berlin)