Preview: The Wedding Guest Outfit Aka the Running Cupcake

… Aka the current hairstyle of the storm. How already at Nike did with me quite differently: Nix acne, a sunny yellow, and also no powder – but a cheaper version also from the House of COS. A spontaneous seizure of “we go again to the Sweden” finally brought the Salvation: there hung’s pink-Brown’s dream, which would have a pink enemy like me normally not at all in the bag. Something made boom!

Well, what shoes? Absolutely not, the head of drama, in the second round was allowed to go – my Kenzo favorite came now is no longer in question. Thanks to the forest girls I was there right off the bat, fell in love in the above cream model of paint by gardenia Copenhagen and waited for the matching clutch at America apparel. Judgment after purchasing all around: is missing only a cream coloured hat and I look like a cupcake with topping. What’s: the bride, who is the most beautiful eh. 

In good old Sarah style the photos from which are incidentally currently untraceable extra shot outfit post – but I will not give up the search, to give you a decent look at the candy. The hair were by the way all the time so velvety on the head – the wind meant it in above shot only particularly well.

Who by the way interest in my cream meringue outfit who may like to write me an email and get the once listed by dress, which is just on the way to clean, for 50 bucks plus postage. In new condition are ’ s the model currently also at COS. Interest and size 36, you just write a mail. First come …

At this point one may not be missing: Miri, you gorgeous, we wish you only the best, most beautiful and best love love love!

From top to bottom: dress: COS, shoes: gardenia Copenhagen, jacket: Muubaa.