Recap: Media Morning with Marc Jacobs & the Five “Designer for Tomorrow “-Finalist

Though we now provide you with the first news, our day started off even a little bit earlier than usual. We let the so-called media morning namely does not escape us, finally Marc Jacobs waited dear colleagues, fresh juice and sandwiches also Mr. Himself on us. Well, “was waiting for us” is plenty exaggerated, but at least he was ready for a little chat in nice round. The morning meeting was the start of the 5th round of the Nachwuchforderung “designer for tomorrow”, Marc Jacobs whose patron of course remain.

Before about a week five finalists were chosen from all applicants a total – it be so hard for the happy and nervous at the same time quite elect means in the coming months might end up like crazy, to Alexandra Pebble, succeeded him as winner of the „ designer for tomorrow Awards “ to compete. It beckons not only the support of Mr Jacobs as well as pretty much media fame, but also the chance of a pannel of the runway during Berlin fashion week.

As the chicken sat on the pole she today Cloppenburg, Manager of the main sponsor P & C tomorrow so at Marc Jacobs and John, around and answered obediently every question, even though the heart was racing so determined or so already like crazy. Because we also had severe difficulties to not completely wrap us by Marc Jacobs charm around her finger. Honestly: I’ve never been the biggest fan of Marc Jacobs. His work for Louis Vuitton is unique, no question, even glamorous. But Marc by Marc Jacobs and all that, I don’t know, Yes. For my taste is a small little too much foreign inspiration in the designs of the New York fashion designer. But also can fight. What is however no longer are arguing is: this not just tall young gentleman is a pretty funny bird.

There are they, these people who you know only from a distance and still quite beautiful likes. Distant like, but from the heart, somehow. Marc Jacobs is so a sympathy-catcher, one which you may prefer put his arm around the shoulder to toast with cool beer. Or champagne, depending on what the men because now prefer. To be completely honest, we were before loud positive surprise hardly able to save all the above said. What we remember us, however: Marc loves to get attention. Strange that, we find not bias him for it. But maybe he’s right when he claims that all of us would be so. Only we would want to not acknowledge perhaps simply this scorned peculiarity.

Also making fashion was easier than it is today in the past. What shocks us finally and who still adheres to standards? And then the topic of gender discussions and the blurring of the line between feminine and masculine fashion: Marc hopes that he is still experiencing with the time, men are naturally access also to skirts. Or clothes. Where you can really wear, according to which the sense is one without regard to conventions.

Pretty ceiling and still hubscherer stucco on the Munzstrasse.

The application creations of the five finalists.

The magical fashion journalist Marlene Sorensen (2. V.r.) Caused the extremely charming moderation

More international than in previous years to this time it is: Camilla Hall level Nielson learned in Birmingham the high art of fashion design, Ramil Makinano the talent factory attended Central Saint Martins, Laura Williamsan, however, the University of Westminster and Leonardo Cano Luque comes from Seville. The man with the fabulous name, namely Siddharta Anselm Meyer, who studied at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee currently is the only German finalist.

In the selection of the feminists Marc Jacobs hired back his own taste. Passion, personality, characteristics of small and big dreams are what matters most to him,.

Camilla Hall level Nielson & Ramil Makinano

Siddharta Anselm Meyer & Laura Williamsan

Leonardo Cano Luque

A snapshot of the previous night: Nora Tschirner at the dft event: