The Fashion Weeks Say Game over, But Olivia Palermo Continues His Looks

The Fashion weeks they have closed chapter. they have a bye, bye, until another moment. But still today new looks of hand are coming us from… Olivia Palermo. And if it is her, no matter of When are her outfits, (almost) sure that triumph. And that is what achieves after walking by the streets of London and Paris. With which of them remain shall?

From a military print, leather skirts, wide Culottes, cloth coats or ladylike dresses. Olivia Palermo always has dared yet, and though the years pass, their looks are always the more bless, unwanted and imitated. And with the passage of time and trends, she always is faithful to his style (something that is appreciated).

No matter what garment look: bold or classic, always defend them perfectly. Why plant a day musketeer boots with ones houndstooth shorts and the next morning it opts for a skirt by ankles with paillettes in XXL.

Long life to the style of Miss Palermo.

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Photos | Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo in Jezebel

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