The Look Right: Custom Shirt, a Henley, and Tennis

Since the custom used to be completely informal, seems to be the ball of time I found a good quote as an example a combination that to use a piece that I believe to be very undervalued in Brazil: the shirt, henley, we have already talked about it here , and I believe that the play deserves mention due to its versatility and casualness that can exit the common place of the basic t shirt, even without having any detail exaggerated.

The Look Right Custom Shirt, a Henley, and Tennis

Why does it work?

Here the custom was brought to the limit of the casual with the addition of two parts extremely stripped down. Note how even the lining plaid of the jacket, and the fabric blend (wool cold) have contributed to make the look more light, making an ideal attire for spring/summer. The henley basic and the shoes slip on also come into account, are items typically used in the warmer seasons, giving this cool-climate production.

Here account not only for what you use the clothes, but how you use it, so the sleeves rolled up coat is a detail that helps make the combo even more casual and young. The frame glasses rounded are an option.

Note: belts may be dispensed with if the trim of the pants is perfect, I know that may seem strange to some, but it is considered ok.

Try this…

wear a suit of linen well take on the hottest days. In the intense sunshine also worth putting on a panama hat or a trilby straw to protect and give upgrade in elegance.

In short:

  • Usual used parts informal is high, think about it;
  • Shirt henley is an option less will end up on the pole;
  • Slip ons are perfect for the hot days;
  • In looks light, details cool to also have the please;
  • Invest in fabrics thermally comfortable for the summer, as wool cold and flax;
  • Sleeves rolled up and the discharge of the belt are features to make the look even more modern;
  • Frame glasses rounded, panama hat, bracelets, a beautiful watch: use accessories to give your touch.

Additional tips:

For chubby – take care with the length of the shirt, it should not extend beyond the suit jacket and carefully choose the size so that you do not select the belly.

For shorties , since the look is casual, you can opt for a suit jacket cropped (shorter), it will elongate your legs. Custom slim fit is mandatory for you, keep that in mind.

For altões – footwear low is perfect for you, but the bars may not be very short, this helps take away the impression that you are too high, but at the same time can make it appear that the shoes was stolen from someone much more low.