There Is Nothing More Monkey Than a Flying Skirt

I say as I see the latest pictures of celebrities with skirts of flight. There is nothing more mono. First it was Leighton Meester a few days ago, promoting in Madrid a shampoo with your black dress of Versus, finished with flight.

Now it is the turn of Clémence Poésy, which boasts French chic with its tweed dress of Chanel at the premiere of the latest film in the Harry Potter saga. And Kate Bosworth, another girl that we can say “ that mona is always “. Kate chooses to promote the premiere of his latest film a set that may not like me more, in raw colors top and skirt of flight, finished with contrast leather belt and a few precious shoes in shades of Turquoise.

With these ideas of how dressing a flying skirt or dress that ends with flight, I think I’m going to search my locker right now to see if I can find something like.