Zelda Klapan Was Enjoying Fashion

If you could choose the way to die I would be like that of Zelda Klapan, icon of New York society. Zelda Klapan died at the age of 95, of a heart attack, seeing a parade of Joanna Mastroianni in the New York fashion week. Zelda Kaplan was common in the front row of New York, was always in the front row to the steps of the models and collections presenting their favorite designers. Lived one intense life and full of fashion.

Zelda Klapan was born on June 20, 1916, in Flemington, New Jersey. His family had a horse farm. We don’t know much about his past life since he did not like to talk about it. Married 3 times, her second husband, Samuel Kaplan, the spirit that moved to Miami. She did not like too live there, the role of housewife It was not him too. In 1960 she divorces her husband and moves to New York. In the Big Apple begins to work as Professor of dance. The fox trot was given wonderfully well, as they have. He also worked in an art gallery. He lived virtually from the sale of the family farm and some investment income.

Zelda traveled constantly to places like Mali, Ghana and Ethiopia, le atria the Indian culture and did travel in search of wood carvings and fabrics to manufacture its own costumes. He made many trips on behalf of the World Culture Society, an organization that he founded and funded.

Zelda became a “celebritie” thanks to a documentary called “Her Name Is Zelda” (2003), which was presented on HBO. From there the fashion magazines and the press echoed the extraordinary Zelda.

Zelda was one regular blog about people with style, Advance Style.

Zelda was one Adventure tireless and an innate curiosity for everything that offered him life. He loved to go out in party and dance until dawn. His presence was a breath of air cool and good vibes, moved in select and young environments like fish water.

His round glasses, their hats and their wide suits of ethnic fabrics they were your brand identity. A different style, quirky, modern and free turned it into an unforgettable icon.