Amazon Christmas Business

Every year, Prime Day kicks off the Christmas season on Amazon. And this year it’s happening in quick succession: the delayed Prime Day (LINK), Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday and then the actual Christmas business – all in Q4. Exciting times for e-commerce and sellers who want to generate the maximum revenue.

Amazon Seller: This is how you are prepared for the (pre-)Christmas season

The 2019 Christmas business was once again a record for Amazon. The toy, fashion, home and beauty categories in particular flourished – with more than half a billion items ordered. It is quite possible that 2020 will be a new record Christmas year. So that you can benefit from it, we have put together the most important Christmas tips for Amazon sellers here. See mcat-test-centers for How to Get Amazon Reviews Successfully.

Tip 1: Stock up on time

Business is going well, sales are increasing – and suddenly the inventory is depleted: a horror scenario for every FBA dealer. Therefore, checking and restocking inventory is an absolute priority and as early as possible. Everything that is to be delivered should be on its way to the Amazon warehouse by mid / end of November at the latest.

Because if you think you’ll just have to replenish your stocks in December, you’re usually out of luck. Because then the Amazon warehouses are running at full speed and the delivery times are likely to be so long that the goods are hardly ready for sale in time.

Extra tip: Activate notifications about stock limit values ​​and adjust the values ​​in the fall so that you are informed early about necessary deliveries.

Tip 2: Generate visibility with coupons

Around Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and December, shoppers are not only looking for gifts – but also for bargains. A retailer who offers a price discount with coupons can not only convince the user, but also ensures more visibility in the Amazon search results thanks to the eye-catching coupon notice.

Tip 3: Offer perfect customer service

More sales can also mean more customer messages and inquiries. Despite the stressful times in the run-up to Christmas, retailers should keep an eye on this and respond to messages within the 24 hours specified by Amazon. Questions on the product pages should also be answered immediately to make the purchase decision easier for other users.

Tip 4: Make a Christmas reference

At Christmas time it is more important than usual to awaken emotions. Users are looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. Therefore, in most cases it can’t hurt to make a Christmas reference in your listing. For you, the fifth bullet point is more of a gap filler than useful content? How about a gift emoji at the beginning of the listing and a note about why your product is ideal as a Christmas gift and who would be particularly happy about it.

Tip 5: Do your (SEO) homework all year round

Amazon SEO is a constant process. The switches cannot be flipped just before Christmas and the rankings suddenly rise. Instead, SEO homework needs to be done throughout the year. This means analyzing keywords, optimizing listings, improving product images and much more.

Tip 6: Focus on bestsellers

You have a lot of slow sellers and some bestsellers. Then, in the hustle and bustle of Q4, it’s time to focus on your bestsellers. True to the Pareto principle “80% effort for 20% of the products” you make sure to take care of the most important products first. This can also be transferred to Amazon PPC campaigns . Increase the budget for the bestsellers to ensure that the campaigns are actually played out during the high traffic times. And in the new year you can tackle the slow sellers and improve them.

Restrictions during the Christmas season: Certain Amazon categories blocked

It would be annoying if you made perfect preparations for your Christmas business on Amazon and then couldn’t sell anything. This was the case in the games category in previous years, for example. Here Amazon has restricted the permissions to sell products. However, this only affects FBM dealers. If you use shipping through Amazon, you shouldn’t have any problems here.

Conclusion: The right preparations and the right timing for seller success on Amazon during the Christmas season

Studies have shown that there are six traffic and sales peaks in the run-up to Christmas: beginning of Cyber ​​Monday week, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, beginning of December, second weekend of December, third weekend of December (Source: Internet World ). The pre-Christmas period is a long and stressful period for Amazon retailers, but one that offers enormous sales potential. It is important to prepare timely and thoroughly for the rush at the end of the year. With our tips you will succeed.

Amazon Christmas Business