About Descendant

Descendant is any person who is descended from another, such as a grandchild or a child. The concept is associated with the notion of kinship (the blood relationship or union by virtue of law).

If we consider the case of an individual, those generations of his family that preceded his arrival in the world are known as ancestors. Great-great-grandparents, great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents are ancestors of a person.

Those who follow a person in their family tree are their descendants (children, grandchildren, etc.). See Abbreviation Finder for acronyms related to Descendant.

What is a descendant

The descendants of a subject, therefore, are the generations that follow it in the family tree: children, grandchildren, great- grandchildren , great-great- grandchildren, etc. Of course, a subject can be ascendant or descendant, depending on the relative that is taken into consideration.

For example: Osvaldo is Javier ‘s grandfather and, therefore, one of his ancestors. But Osvaldo is a descendant of RubĂ©n, his father. This means that Osvaldo, like all people, occupies the place of ascendant and descendant depending on the case.

Different lines

The line of descent can be straight (an ancestor linked to those who descend from him directly: great-great-grandson-grandson-son) or collateral (an ancestor linked to his descendants without a direct line, since they do not descend from each other: cousins, brothers, uncles). Hugo is a descendant of his great-uncle Ramiro, although it is not his direct descendant.

For biology, offspring is the result of reproduction. This definition transcends human beings and includes other living beings (animals, bacteria). All those individuals with a common ancestor form a clan, while in human beings we speak of a family.

The descendants of Adolf Hitler suffered social repudiation.

Being a descendant of Hitler

The name of Adolf Hitler has been causing chills for decades in those who pronounce it, especially those who had to suffer closely his macabre actions. But the hatred that he spread during his miserable life affected many more people than those who perished under his claws: both the descendants of his direct victims and his own continue to carry the terrible weight of being related to Hitler, in one way or another..

No matter the religion, nor the degree of knowledge that people have about the reign of Hitler: just mentioning this surname serves for people from many parts of the world to refer to pure evil, to injustice, to evoke the deepest fear imaginable, and surely no one would want to meet him face to face. In that sense, almost all of us are safe, since Adolf long ago left this Earth never to return; but what happens to those who carry his blood in their veins ?

The story of your relatives

Currently, five people represent his only lineage, although it should be noted that Hitler has no direct descendants: Raubal, Heiner and Peter Hochegger, sons of Angela, his half-sister; Louis, Brian and Alexander Stuart-Houston, sons of a half brother named Alois Hitler Jr.

How do these unfortunate individuals live knowing that their family tree irreversibly connects them with one of the most feared and repudiated men in the history of humanity, with the evil made flesh, with the cause of a wound that no one can erase in a moment? the whole town? Not very well.

Several of Hitler’s relatives mentioned above have agreed not to marry or leave offspring, in order to put an end to their lineage once and for all, a decision that undoubtedly demonstrates the great weight that the relationship, albeit indirect, with the author of so many deaths and tortures. Although it is not very difficult to understand, it is a very particular agreement and that for many may seem noble, but perhaps it is the last injustice of Adolf, since none of these people has been directly or indirectly responsible for the Holocaust.