Meaning of Baby Shower

A baby shower is a celebration that takes place before an imminent or recent birth of a baby. As part of the party, the child’s parents receive gifts, usually intended for their child.

The English notion can be literally translated as “baby shower”, although this name of the celebration is associated with the “rain” of gifts that parents get. In our language the event is also mentioned as a birth party or baby party.

In its origins, the baby shower was carried out as a celebration of the arrival of the first child of a family and consisted of a meeting of women who advised the new mother on the upbringing of the child. Nowadays these parties are usually celebrated with each birth and many times men are also invited to the event.

Beyond variations according to culture, it is common for the baby shower to be organized by a friend of the future mother. This is because since the party is focused on gifts, it can be awkward for the organizer to be the honoree and ask for the gifts in question. That is why the organization falls to a friend who, according to the needs of the future mother, puts together the gift list.

It is important to understand that this party does not always point to a frivolous collection of gifts with the excuse of an imminent birth, but that many parents with tight pockets greatly appreciate the clothes and accessories that the guests give them as this way they manage to save one significant sum of money in the investment involved in raising a child.

At a baby shower, catering-type food is usually offered with some cake (also called cake). In addition, games and recreational activities related to the birth or upbringing of the child are organized. In this way, the attendees compete by demonstrating their skills to change a diaper using a doll or sewing clothes. You can also play to guess when the baby will be born or what its gender will be, for example.

Music also occupies an important place in baby showers, especially if the family is characterized by enjoying the celebrations in a carefree way. Like other parties that are held before taking a significant step in life, the baby shower also serves to release tension, leave behind a stage that will never return and gather energy to face a new one.

In general, the baby shower is held when the time is very short until the birth. Among the reasons is that in this way the future mother can forget for a few hours the pain and discomfort typical of pregnancy. The organization is not easy, since it is necessary to find a date in which the majority of family and friends are available, and that the honorees consider suitable for the reception.

Another type of baby shower, known by the name already arrived, is celebrated in some countries once the baby has been born, so that it can be “presented in society.” For many it is more interesting than the previous one, given the weakness that human beings usually have before the image of a baby.

One of the disadvantages of this type of party is that the newborn can become too uncomfortable or begin to feel some pain that makes him cry a lot, and all this can lead to parents deciding to leave shortly after arriving. The unpredictable nature of a baby’s behavior is not very compatible with organizing an event.

Baby Shower