Meaning of Raft

The raft is the structure that, generally built from the joining of logs, is used as a boat. By extension, the inflatable boat that is used in emergencies when a larger boat is at risk of sinking is also called a raft.

The rafts are flat in shape and can develop in different ways. In addition to the timbers, different kinds of boards, rods or even synthetic substances can be used.

It is important to know that there are different types of rafts, among which we can highlight the following:
-Wood raft, which, as its name suggests, is made with wood. This kind of boat can be found in small towns to undertake very short trips on the river, for example, to be able to carry bulky materials from shore to shore. This without overlooking the fact that in literary works, movies and television series where shipwrecked people appear, it is usual for those to escape from the island where they are decide to cut tree trunks with which to make a raft.
-Rap of synthetic materials that give it great stability and flotation capacity. In this group we also find two other different types. Among those are, for example, recreational, which can be used on beaches, swamps, lakes… In the same way, we cannot forget those that are created to be able to carry out, for example, what is the descent of rivers.

The history of the rafts has several millennia. Man, since ancient times, has built rafts to float and navigate rivers, seas, lakes, streams, lagoons and all kinds of bodies of water.

The balsa wood, on the other hand, is one that is obtained from the tree Ochroma pyramidale. It stands out for its low density: it is a wood that is lighter even than cork. Originally from South America, it stands out for its rapid growth and for its qualities for the development of acoustic and thermal insulation.

Another use of the raft concept refers to the hole in a surface that, either artificially or naturally, fills with water. A reservoir, in this framework, can be a work of hydraulic engineering that is developed to store water and that has a dam to retain it.

A lipid raft or lipid raft, on the other hand, is a molecular microdomain found in the plasma membrane. Compared to its surroundings, this raft has less fluidity.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of certain popular expressions that use the term at hand. This would be the case, for example, of oil raft. This is used to refer to a person, an animal, a situation or an event being calm. An example of this would be the following sentence: “After the reprimand of his parents for his rebellious and immature action, the attitude of the minor was a real raft of oil.”

Finally, “La balsa” is the name of a song that is considered a foundational song in Argentine rock. It was composed by Litto Nebbia and Tanguito and recorded by Los Gatos in 1967.